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HUBER Technology provides state-of-the-art equipment for municipal and industrial water, wastewater and sludge treatment. Our main focus is liquid/solid separation in general and headworks equipment in particular. We offer a comprehensive line of stainless steel equipment.

Introduction to Screens In Wastewater Treatment

To recap, municipal and industrial wastewater can contain large solids made up of debris, which can damage downstream treatment equipment. One of the ways to remove these solids is to install a wastewater screen. Screens come in a variety of types, shapes, and sizes, but can be broken down into two simple categories: coarse and fine screens.


Mechanical Wastewater Screening – STEP SCREEN® Family. WASTE WATER Solutions Installation examples of the HUBER Fine Screen STEP SCREEN® SSF/SSV HUBER Fine Screen STEP SCREEN® SSF: length 3500, width 1826, slot width 6 mm, installation angle 50 °, high

Waste screening technologies - TANA

Waste screening technologies. The common screening technologies used nowadays include drum screens (or trommel screens or rotary screens), disc screens, and vibrating screens. In waste processing, drum and disc screens are most common, as vibrating screens have rather limited and specific uses mainly in screening aggregates.

The Place of the Trommel in Resource Recovery

to the undersize; the disk screen has little tendency to do that. Disk screens may sometimes be used when scalping, i.e., when the oversize constitutes no more than 10% to 20% of the incoming feed, and large, flat oversize is absent. Disk screens may offer some advantage over trommels in terms of cost and space requirements.

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We are Committed, Clean Water is Life. Focused on the worldwide need for clean water, Amiad specializes in developing and marketing environmentally-friendly water filtration solutions for industrial, municipal, and agricultural use.

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High Performance and Reliable Disc Screens CP Disc Screens provide the best separation in the industry for newspaper, cardboard, mixed paper and containers via our patented disc screening technology. Our screens provide you with high throughput paired with low maintenance requirements. CP leads the way with the most efficient screening technology for separating 2D and […]

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Feb 16, 2014· Dynamic disc screen to separate any waste stream by size. Agitating the material while keeping the most precise maximum opening. Unparalleled speed, accuracy and efficiency. Get Your Best Solution ...

Types of Screening in Wastewater Treatment | Wastewater ...

Mar 20, 2018· Wastewater screening retains solids found in the wastewater, and comes in a variety of coarse, fine, and micro screens that can be cleaned in different ways, and used for several purposes. Learn more about the types of screening in wastewater treatment with this guide.

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Disc screens are made up of a series of rotating discs that effectively separate wastes of different sizes and weights, while a blower is used to separate combustible waste, and a contaminant screen is equipped to discharge small volume waste such as broken glass shards.

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Rotary Disc Screen Rotary disc sieve is generally used in filtration of wastewaters containing filamentous and fibrous contaminants (paper, textile etc.) and it is a sieve system having quite high treatment efficiency. Increase of efficiency in a wastewater treatment plant extends the expected lives of other equipments.

Mobile disc screen for waste with anti-clogging system

TANA's mobile disc screens are capable of screening almost any material, and they are particularly good for waste processing. Applications for disc screens are almost limitless: woods, municipal solid waste (MSW), industrial wastes or commercial wastes, compost, ashes, metals, refuse-derived fuel (RDF), car fluff, tires, aggregates and so forth.

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Disc filters are designed for filtration of large volumes of waste water with demands for high quality of cleaned water. They are applied for filtration of water from waste water treatment plants, in fish farms, in the food and paper industries and for recycling of cooling water in power plants.

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WPL Disc Filter Options (table 1) Filtering Principle. The basic filtering element is a fabric-coated filter segment. Water flowing into the inner space of the filter segment flows through the fabric while fine impurities are trapped on the cloth. The segments are fixed on the disc shaft. Twelve segments make up one disc.

Rotary Disc Screens - Sismat

Rotary disc screens consist of water distribution weir, disc screens, water spray system to clean the screen surface and waste collection chamber. They are designed as enclosed to prevent odor and water splash problems. The capacity and cleaning capability of the equipment is proportional to the number of disc …

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Williams Rotary Disc Screens are used for the consistent, high speed separation of oversized and undersized components of municipal, industrial and wood wastes. A Disc Screen is often used as a feeder into shredders or hogs, bypassing pre-sized materials. Advantages of Williams Rotary Disc Screen Products


Nov 16, 2013· A unique style of disc screen is the star screen, which utilizes polyurethane, star shaped discs on shafts that rotate at a much higher speed than a conventional steel disc screen and are intended to break apart and separate light, stringy materials.

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The fines disc screens reduce the contamination from your old newspaper stream. Used to remove glass fractions from paper stream. ... Home > Recycling separation technologies > Screen recycling separation > Waste fines discs screen separators. Waste fines discs screen separators admin 2019-10-09T15:06:15+00:00 .

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Screen Saver software downloads Beautiful photos of China ... disk defrag hard disks waste of time Ace ScreenSaver Ace Screen Saver is an easy to use make-your-own …

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The HUBER Disc Filter RoDisc® has been designed for fine screening of up to 1,500 m³/h with a mesh size down as small as 10 μm. The screen is especially suited for applications where a very high filtrate quality and large filter surface area is required.

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Environmental Protection Agency Wastewater Technology Fact Sheet Screening and Grit Removal DESCRIPTION Wastewater contains large solids and grit that can interfere with treatment processes or cause undue mechanical wear and increased maintenance on wastewater treatment equipment. To minimize potential problems, these materials require separate ...

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When your water source is a river, open reservoir or waste water, media filters might be the heart your drip irrigation system. AGF Sand filter gravel battery swimming pools . Disc Filters . Disc Filters integrate the benefits of the old filtering methods screen and media, …

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Municipal + Industrial Wastewater Treatment since 1980 in Cleveland, Ohio. contact us at [email protected] Sludge Dewatering. Micro Bar Screen. Screens & Grit. Conveying. Polymer Dosing. ... OR-TEC Rotary Brush Screen, Screw Screens, Tank Screens, Vertical Screens, Septage Receivers and Grit Systems. Learn More About these products.

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